Gimme danger

Here are some tattoos tailored for men…

This super ignorant looking reaper is on my friend John Raftery (peep tha linx). When hes not doing “fineline traditional” tattoos John is doing tiny quarter sized animal portraits that he calls his “tiny dancers”. This was a fun tattoo to do and I would be siked to do more stuff in this vein.

Heres a wolf I did on a dude who asked for something similar to one I already did. I never recycle tattoos, so I drew this one a little different. He wanted it to be a little bloodier and requested the same coloring on the tounge as the one I did before. Its fun for me to draw tough looking tattoos like these because i usually just go with the first lines i draw, theres little sketching involved and i try to keep it stupid.

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1 Response to Gimme danger

  1. cris cleen says:

    one of my favorite tattooers. dont tell anyone , i dont want people thinking im into tattoo art or praising other grown men but keep it up, i hope your work gets weirder

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