Straightedge And More Spookyness

I was lucky enough to be included in the new book “With The Light Of Truth”. Dan Smith did a great job of putting together this book of straightedge tattooers. You can pick up your copy at The New York release part is this Saturday November 26 from 7-10 at Sacred Gallery in Brooklyn.
I started the black metal girl painting about a year ago and put it away because so many people had the same idea I did. But I figured the more the merrier, so here it is. The wolf is a tattoo i did on Federico who came in from Dublin. He had a really cool tattoo from Javier Rodriguez from his time in Spain, and he had just got a great pinup from Bert Krak the day before he got this.

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1 Response to Straightedge And More Spookyness

  1. Dan Bythewood says:

    Glad to see that Black Metal gal is seeing the light of day, although the fact that she was in the darkness for a year makes her even more “grim”. Also, that wolf is nuts dude, good show!

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