Wild Animals

I think these crazy animals came out really well. The tiger is on Alex who got the PMA tattoo last month. I usually wouldn’t put owls up because I did too many of them 3 years ago, but there are some things about these that I liked. I’ve been trying to sneak suns and moons with faces into tattoos a lot lately and haven’t had much luck until very recently, which I think is the coolest part of this owl tattoo. The next owl tattoo was drawn by my friend Virginia Elwood and I stepped in to do the tattoo when she wasn’t available. I tried my best to stick to her color palette and style, so I thought this was an interesting one to include. I wish I had some better photos of the duck and the eagle, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing them healed up soon.

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1 Response to Wild Animals

  1. Dan Bythewood says:

    You’re knockin’ these out of the park broseph.

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