I usually like to make big posts and have them organized into different subjects, but I’m trying to update the blog more often, so the only thing these tattoos have in common is that they are all new. The egyptian girl was a cool change of pace, and I welcome any kind of unique ideas for tattoos of women. It was hard to get a photo of the bird below because it wraps around the wrist of a tiny girl, but I wanted to show the detail in the wings. I think they ended up being a really interesting shape to put on the wrist. Melissa who got this also has a bird I posted a few weeks ago, that at the time of this photo is still healing a bit. Aaron who got the rose only had one other tattoo, and its great to see people who are new to getting tattooed who actually have good taste right off the bat. Usually people have to get a paragraph of text and a tribal sun before they realize they should get a real tattoo.

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