Valerie Vargas Tattoo Age

The Vice series “Tattoo Age” has set a new standard for biographical films on tattooing. Every episode they’ve done so far has been incredible, and of course the latest one is no exception. For some reason, the newest installment on Valerie Vargas speaks to me a little more than the others. I don’t know Valerie well, but I know she’s a young tattooer and she’s incredibly humble. She and I have been tattooing for around the same amount of time, so I understand better than most people how amazing it is for her to have reached the level she has. At a time when the tattoo industry has been overrun with newcomers it really takes something special to gain acclaim from the seasoned veterans. It seems that in recent years the only newcomers who get noticed are those with some kind of gimmick or PR scheme. You can tell that Valerie stands out because of the tireless effort shes put into her work. She’s the real deal and you can tell by taking one look at her product.

There is no shortage of new tattooers in the world, and there are a few besides Valerie who are making waves. In the spirit of moving forward here are a few up and coming tattooers to keep an eye on: Chris Marchetto, Ben Seibert, Mina Aoki, Marina Inoue and Shaun Topper. You can find all of these guys in my link section. Thanks for reading!

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