Here’s a batch of new tattoos, straight outta the tat oven. The first is on Erin who got the skunk lady a few weeks back. She had the wacky idea to get a tattoo in the likeness of a female professional wrestler from the 80’s called Sensational Sherri. For a second I actually thought this one was too weird to post, but here it is anyway! The shark under her was done as a walk-in on Saturday. I usually spend my Saturdays tattooing paragraphs on normies, so any tattoos where I actually get to bust out a shader are a welcome change of pace. If you’re coming to town short-notice, and we couldn’t fit you in for an appointment, Saturdays are a perfect day to pop in and get something cool. Usually simple tattoos or images from old tattoo flash are best for walk-ins because it keeps my drawing time to a minimum. The last tattoo in the this lineup is my latest costumed girl done on my dude Jani. She sits right next to a sweet Berk Krak tattoo so I tried not to fuck it up. Check out Jani’s band Sainthood Reps, if you’re looking for a nice blend of post hardcore and 90’s grunge.


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