J.Colby Smith’s Septum Chains

Okay, so I’m not usually a fan of piercings. In fact, I usually find piercing culture to be a source of great comedy. When you go to a tattoo convention and see these douchebags trying to “out-extreme” each other by suspending from hooks and showing off their ridiculously stretched orifices, you can’t help but roll your eyes. It’s a world of embarrassing one-uppers and I’ve told members of the APP this to their stupid porous faces.

However, when I go to work at NY Adorned I don’t feel like I’m working with piercers. There is no display case of brightly colored, plastic belly button rings and our piercers aren’t human pin cushions with blacked out arms. Their clients aren’t wearing sweat pants with a slogan on the butt. The jewelry is subtle and tasteful, and the clients are usually very fashionable models and trend setters. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to hear that the kind of piercings that Colby and Evan do at NY Adorned are considered high fashion.

Colby actually makes jewelry as well and something he’s been doing lately has really caught my eye. The septum chains he makes aren’t like anything I’ve seen and they look great. They come in 3 colors: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. They are available at the shop or through his web store:  http://108jewelrycompany.bigcartel.com/ . These things are so cool that I want my girlfriend to get one, and this is coming from a piercing hater! Check out Colby’s blog in my link section too!

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