Tattoos With Eyes

I think anything with an eye can be an interesting tattoo. Eyes make things come alive. Here are some recent tattoos of things that are alive. The dragon with the girl is on Travis and I couldn’t be happier with how it came out. This is as close to the “girl with animal hat” tattoo as I’ve ever gotten. The next tattoo is a Statue of Liberty girl on Ryan, who came in as a walk-in on a Saturday. This was a great walk-in because it’s based on Bert Grimm flash, so I just did a little re-drawing and we were tattooing in no time. The black cat is on Rosie, who only has black and red tattoos, which looks great on any skin tone and looks really uniform when they come together for a sleeve. The wolf is on Sofia who used to get tattooed by me 4 years ago when I was in Boston. Its great to do something really cool on someone who has been loyal to me even before I knew what I was doing. Thanks to everyone for getting tattooed, and for looking!

IMG_4033 IMG_3974 IMG_3897 IMG_3653

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1 Response to Tattoos With Eyes

  1. Anand says:

    Hey Brad, what’s up. Was wondering whether you had ever done/seen a peacock done in this style. I am looking to get a peacock tattoo done and I kind of want it done in the Girl with the Animal Hat style.

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