There Is No Such Thing In Life As Normal

I caught a couple Morrissey shows in the city last week. For me, the highlight of the show was “Meat Is Murder” played extra slow as they played the “Meet Your Meat” video on the giant screen in the background. The obese lady in front of us had to turn around so she wouldn’t see it. So don’t worry, in a time where your once precious subcultures are watered down by pop culture, at least Morrissey is still punk.

Here is a tattoo of a rose I did on Nettie, a Moz fan in town from Belgium, who should’ve been spending her day in line for the show instead of getting tattooed!

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I wanted to do a big flash sheet of these designs, but I realized I wouldn’t have time to finish the painting and make prints before Halloween. A bunch of these are inspired by old halloween decorations, and some are orphaned drawings I’ve had around for a while. They’re pretty rough sketches at this point, but I’d love to clean them up to do some fun tattoos. Call the shop or drop me an email if you’re interested in giving one of these stray tats a home!

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Here’s a batch of new tattoos, straight outta the tat oven. The first is on Erin who got the skunk lady a few weeks back. She had the wacky idea to get a tattoo in the likeness of a female professional wrestler from the 80’s called Sensational Sherri. For a second I actually thought this one was too weird to post, but here it is anyway! The shark under her was done as a walk-in on Saturday. I usually spend my Saturdays tattooing paragraphs on normies, so any tattoos where I actually get to bust out a shader are a welcome change of pace. If you’re coming to town short-notice, and we couldn’t fit you in for an appointment, Saturdays are a perfect day to pop in and get something cool. Usually simple tattoos or images from old tattoo flash are best for walk-ins because it keeps my drawing time to a minimum. The last tattoo in the this lineup is my latest costumed girl done on my dude Jani. She sits right next to a sweet Berk Krak tattoo so I tried not to fuck it up. Check out Jani’s band Sainthood Reps, if you’re looking for a nice blend of post hardcore and 90’s grunge.


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Fresh Tatties

These ones are so fresh they’re still bleeding. The dragon on the hand fan is on Christina from Austin, who was kind enough to accompany our last guest artist Ben Seibert on his first trip to New York. Hopefully Adorned will be seeing more of Ben in the future. The “Thriller” themed pinup was a great idea that Matt came up with to accompany the Egyptian girl I did on his arm a couple weeks ago. The picture is a little shinier than I’d prefer but that’s the price I pay for keeping this blog updated!

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Valerie Vargas Tattoo Age

The Vice series “Tattoo Age” has set a new standard for biographical films on tattooing. Every episode they’ve done so far has been incredible, and of course the latest one is no exception. For some reason, the newest installment on Valerie Vargas speaks to me a little more than the others. I don’t know Valerie well, but I know she’s a young tattooer and she’s incredibly humble. She and I have been tattooing for around the same amount of time, so I understand better than most people how amazing it is for her to have reached the level she has. At a time when the tattoo industry has been overrun with newcomers it really takes something special to gain acclaim from the seasoned veterans. It seems that in recent years the only newcomers who get noticed are those with some kind of gimmick or PR scheme. You can tell that Valerie stands out because of the tireless effort shes put into her work. She’s the real deal and you can tell by taking one look at her product.

There is no shortage of new tattooers in the world, and there are a few besides Valerie who are making waves. In the spirit of moving forward here are a few up and coming tattooers to keep an eye on: Chris Marchetto, Ben Seibert, Mina Aoki, Marina Inoue and Shaun Topper. You can find all of these guys in my link section. Thanks for reading!

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Mina Aoki at this year’s London convention

I’ve gotten a bunch of emails asking if I’ll be at this years London Tattoo Convention, which unfortunately, I won’t be attending. I’d like to refer anyone interested in getting tattooed in London to Mina Aoki, who will be taking walk-ups all weekend. Mina is an amazing young tattooer and she’s also my best friend in the world. But don’t take my word for it, check out her blog; her work speaks for itself!

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New Stuff!

In the vein of keeping everything up to date, here are two more new tattoos. I love when people come to me with ideas like this. The tiger coming out of the rose was on an English tourist. I think tigers out of any subject have the most potential to be really colorful. The skunk girl is the newest costumed girl I’ve done. It was a bit of a challenge to draw, but its a really unique idea, so I was more than happy to do it,

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I hope you find your niche someday soon.

Quicksand played and it was amazing. I was too busy watching the best show I’ve ever seen to take a good photo.

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I usually like to make big posts and have them organized into different subjects, but I’m trying to update the blog more often, so the only thing these tattoos have in common is that they are all new. The egyptian girl was a cool change of pace, and I welcome any kind of unique ideas for tattoos of women. It was hard to get a photo of the bird below because it wraps around the wrist of a tiny girl, but I wanted to show the detail in the wings. I think they ended up being a really interesting shape to put on the wrist. Melissa who got this also has a bird I posted a few weeks ago, that at the time of this photo is still healing a bit. Aaron who got the rose only had one other tattoo, and its great to see people who are new to getting tattooed who actually have good taste right off the bat. Usually people have to get a paragraph of text and a tribal sun before they realize they should get a real tattoo.

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These designs are redrawn from old flash. This is a great way to keep that classic look, and these tattoos were a pleasure to do.


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