Rock of Ages

I’ll be traveling to Austin, Texas to work at Rock of Ages for a few days next month. I’m tattooing on November 23, 24, and 25. Austin folks can email me at for appointments.

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Tattoo Pile On

Chilly Pete came by to get this panther busting over his old tattoo. Anyone thinking about getting one of those day of the dead skull and lady combos should take a lesson from my dude Pete and skip straight to the panther. But this is more of a pile-on than a cover up, which actually ended up having a cool effect. Check out the before and after!

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Snakes, Cats, Ships

This batch of one-shotters are all from last week. Matt got a cobra under his arm and before this it had been a while since I did a one point tattoo of a snake, which happens to be one of my favorite subjects. Krystle came in for the pirate cat, which is the first of the halloween sketches below that I’ve had a chance to do. Thanks to everyone who has made appointments to get those, theyre going to make this fall a lot of fun. And last is Danny’s ship tattoo, probably one of my most memorable handjobs.

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Here are a couple pin up girls I did over the weekend. The first is loosely based on Selma Hayek’s character in From Dusk Till Dawn. The other is a country bumpkin framed by a couple flowers and stars.

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I’ve been really into doing butterfly tattoos lately. Something about the patterns on them just guarantees that wherever your eye goes, there is something interesting to look at. The first pictured is a chest tattoo that Melissa sat for in one shot. The second is an in-progress Japanese half sleeve on Alex. The lines are healed and the background is half done. I’d love to do more butterfly tattoos, so anyone interested should call the shop or send me an email!

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J.Colby Smith’s Septum Chains

Okay, so I’m not usually a fan of piercings. In fact, I usually find piercing culture to be a source of great comedy. When you go to a tattoo convention and see these douchebags trying to “out-extreme” each other by suspending from hooks and showing off their ridiculously stretched orifices, you can’t help but roll your eyes. It’s a world of embarrassing one-uppers and I’ve told members of the APP this to their stupid porous faces.

However, when I go to work at NY Adorned I don’t feel like I’m working with piercers. There is no display case of brightly colored, plastic belly button rings and our piercers aren’t human pin cushions with blacked out arms. Their clients aren’t wearing sweat pants with a slogan on the butt. The jewelry is subtle and tasteful, and the clients are usually very fashionable models and trend setters. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to hear that the kind of piercings that Colby and Evan do at NY Adorned are considered high fashion.

Colby actually makes jewelry as well and something he’s been doing lately has really caught my eye. The septum chains he makes aren’t like anything I’ve seen and they look great. They come in 3 colors: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. They are available at the shop or through his web store: . These things are so cool that I want my girlfriend to get one, and this is coming from a piercing hater! Check out Colby’s blog in my link section too!

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There Is No Such Thing In Life As Normal

I caught a couple Morrissey shows in the city last week. For me, the highlight of the show was “Meat Is Murder” played extra slow as they played the “Meet Your Meat” video on the giant screen in the background. The obese lady in front of us had to turn around so she wouldn’t see it. So don’t worry, in a time where your once precious subcultures are watered down by pop culture, at least Morrissey is still punk.

Here is a tattoo of a rose I did on Nettie, a Moz fan in town from Belgium, who should’ve been spending her day in line for the show instead of getting tattooed!

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